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LAYOUT | molena (v2)

( live preview )
( previous version )

— If you're using DW's default layout, you're golden. Otherwise, go here and pick one.
— Pick 2 Column (Sidebar on Left) OR 3 Columns (2 Sidebars on Left).
— Under the modules tab, uncheck everything except: Custom Text, Navigation, Profile, and Links List. It should look like this.
— Go to the Custom CSS tab and uncheck the Use Layout's Stylesheet(s) box.
Copy this whole thing:

— Paste the code in, hit save, and you're done.
  • If you picked Two Columns, make sure all your modules are on the Main Module Section in the droplist.
  • For Three Columns, your inner sidebar modules go under Secondary Module Section.
    — Custom comment pages are functional, so are the other pages. Should've been mostly cleaned up, code-wise.
    — If you want an image background for the header, ctrl+F background: #000 url();, and paste the image URL in the parenthesis.

    — Tested on Firefox and Chrome, let me know if it's not working on your browser.
    — Feel free to edit, but do not take out the credit line from the layout code.
  • meicdon13: The main characters of Saiyuki as pandas (Default)

    [personal profile] meicdon13 2015-11-07 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
    Ooooh, nice! Will credit when I use.

    [personal profile] baekh 2016-07-16 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
    I like it. Simple and clean, thank you
    jellostar: (flowers)

    [personal profile] jellostar 2017-04-09 03:32 pm (UTC)(link)
    Thank you so much! :) This is a lovely layout, simple and clean.
    waxbox: (Default)

    [personal profile] waxbox 2017-04-16 06:23 am (UTC)(link)
    Thanks! Using it here: [community profile] impalics
    sparr: (Default)

    [personal profile] sparr 2018-12-21 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
    What is up with the super wide list left margins? 2.5em on ul and ol seems really excessive.

    I would recommend putting a wider variety of HTML in your example screenshots at the very least.