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LAYOUT | molena

( live preview )

— If you're using DW's default layout, you're golden. Otherwise, go here and pick one.
— Pick 3 Columns (Sidebar on Left).
— Under the modules tab, uncheck everything except: Custom Text, Navigation, Profile, and Links List. It should look like this.
— Go to the Custom CSS tab and uncheck the Use Layout's Stylesheet(s) box.
Copy this whole thing.
— Paste the code in, hit save, and you're done.
— Custom comment pages are functional, but the flat-view and top-level links are out of whack, I can't figure them out yet.

— Tested on Firefox and Chrome, let me know if it's not working on your browser.
— Edit to your heart's content, idk.
— Feel free to edit, but do not take out the credit line from the layout code.
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[personal profile] chatona 2013-07-01 07:55 pm (UTC)(link)
This is so lovely i may just have to throw it at all my accounts ever i love it ;;
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alll the layouts yes good gimme! /makes grabby hands i'm not greedy or anything
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The nav bar is glorious ^^;
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Using this! Thank you very much!